1. Teleport to Edgeville [Pk teleport] and go down next to the bank and the house.

2. Their are 5 stands, each have a certain level: 1: Level 1---2: Level 25---3: Level 50---4: Level 75---5: Level 90 The NPC circled is who you sell what you earned from thieving.

3.The stands:

Stand number 1 gives you Choclate cakes. They are 1k each. They can also be noted and sold back for 2k each.

Stand number 2 gives you Silk. They are 2k each.

Stand number 3 gives you Gold rings. They are 3k each.

Stand number 4 gives you Silver dust. They are 3k each.

Stand number 5 give you Red topaz. They are 5k each.