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This wiki has been created so that members of X-Scape are able to have a large database of answers, guides, and updates that go on with the server. If you are a visitor and have never played X-Scape, please go to

X-Scape - Runescape Private ServerEdit

Well, X-Scape is a runescape private server that has many active players. Now a runescape private server has many source choices. Their's the old Runescape Classic Source, the old 317 source, 347 source, 474 source, 508 source, 525 source, and 562 source. Now the only difference between these sources is they way they are coded, and the graphics, as well as items. We are currently using the 317 source as this source is perfect for adding in your own custom models/custom items. You can make your private server to were you have a large amount of custom monsters, custom places, and even custom commands. Commands can range from giving you runes to leveling all your skills to 99. Oh yeah, you can also change how high the skill level is for each skill. So if you want your max strenght level to be 500, you can change it to 500, as well as the rest of the skills. X-Scape has many of these custom items and commands, which makes the server a complete joy to play.

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